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US Issues Joint Statement on its Partnership with Ukraine

Recently, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President, was on an official visit to the US who held a meeting with US President Joe Biden. The US President, during the meet, announced that the US would safeguard Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against the aggressiveness of Russia. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is currently on a state visit to the United States.

The United States, regarding its alliance, published a joint Statement . The Statement announced that Russia’s aggressiveness in Ukraine has led to unrest in the region, fighting in the eastern Ukrainian region, the annexation of Crimea. This has led to the loss of lives of over 14,000 Ukrainian people. In addition to the above Statement, it also issued that Russia’s aggressiveness has destabilized Europe and the region surrounding the Black Sea, thereby jeopardizing the global rules.

The Statement confirms that the US will support Ukraine in its efforts to use the Crimea Framework to draw global attention and work on the humanitarian crisis that occurred due to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Their alliance will focus on restoring the control of Ukraine over Crimea peacefully with regard to international law.

Apart from the aforementioned developments, as a part of the alliance, the US and Ukraine will focus on developing the defense industry, which will see the adoption of a new defense industry plan. The US will also conduct training exercise programs. During the NATO Summit Communique held in June 2021, the US and its allies had supported Ukraine’s right to decide its own future foreign policy without the interruption of other nations. In addition to this, the US issued a security support package to Ukraine. The US and Ukraine have agreed on several other aspects crucial for both nations.

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