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US Japan and South Korea Meet for Talks on Denuclearisation

The nuclear envoys US, Japan, and South Korea held talks regarding continuing the Denuclearisation talks with North Korea. The meeting took place soon after few days when Pyongyang announced that it tested a new missile.

According to analysts, the new long-range cruise missile tested by North Korea could have nuclear capabilities.The recent developments in the North Korea are a reminder for the three envoys that breaking the halted talks with North Korea are extremely important along with improved cooperation and communication among the three nations.

The three allies are discussing to break halted talks with North Korea regarding Denuclearisation. However, White House states that Biden administration is ready for diplomacy with North Korea. The US states that the White House is still ready to engage with North Korea despite its new missile test.Regarding the nuclear weapons and missile programmes the White House in May had announced a new approach stating it is still ready to pursue Denuclearisation but has plans to offer any big bargains to North Korea. The White House at that time assured that the new approach would focus on diplomacy.

The Denuclearisation talks between US and North Korea have progressed no further since 2019 because North Korea is demanding relief on sanctions. As North Korea says that the US has not made any policy changes regarding the sanctions, Pyonyang is reluctant to continue the talks.The US is the biggest economic and military ally of its two missile partners. But, on the other side US’s ties with other Asian neighbours have been strained over sovereignty issues.

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