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US Judge Dismisses Amazon’s Plea for the Moment Involving Donald Trump

The US Judge assigned on the case used the first refusal to dismiss Amazon’s allegations that political interference cost the company wobbling losses and potentially a Pentagon contract. The 10-year prolonged contract was deemed to make amendments in the US Defense Department and will make it more technologically agile.

Amazon consisted itself to be on the zeal of securing the win, but it seems that the Judge has retaliated fully-fledged against them. The JEDI contract potentially was awarded to Microsoft. What could be the reason behind the denial after all the citings in the deal had been figured out? The tech giants strongly believed that Trump’s dislike of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos played an influential role in the change of thoughts by the US Defense Department and the US court.

The ruling on Wednesday against Amazon suggests that Mr. Donald Trump could be the explicit witness of the case and might be called on later in the proceedings of the court. “The record of partial influence by former US President Donald Trump is appalling, and we are remarkably content by the court’s decision to further examine his involvement in the matter and on the JEDI Contract Award,” an Amazon spokesman said in a statement.

Amazon is adhered to its Stance and being less concerned about what Microsoft believes. According to the company’s spokesperson, AWS continues to be the superior technical choice and would be the best value for money and performance for the DOD networks. The US Judge took part in a review that has welcomed comments from both parties, even though no clinical evidence has been found yet on the transfer of the contract to Microsoft. What was staggering for Amazon is that Microsoft has been awarded the DOD contract not once, but twice after a thorough review.

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