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US Military Troops Shot Down Drone Near US Base in Syria

The US military troops shot down a small drone found entering US base in Syria. The same US outpost in Syria was attacked by drones and rockets few weeks ago. spokesman for U.S. Central Command, Capt. Bill Urban briefed the incident. According to the information revealed, two small drones were tracked crossing the line of the airspace around At Tanf Garrison.

One of the drones (UAS) continued entering deep in At Tanf Deconfliction Zone and hence was shot down realizing its hostile intent. A British Typhoon jet shot down the incoming drone. An advanced short-range air to air missile (ASRAAM) was used to shot down the drone. It became the first time being used ASRAAM to combat the threatening drone. The second drone did not enter the area. There is no data whether the second drone contained explosives and other materials to threaten the outpost.

Casualties or any damage to the outpost was not reported during the attack. The incident came weeks after the At Tanf Garrison was attacked with drones and rockets and other explosives. Casualties or any damage to the outpost was not reported during the attack but facilities were badly damaged according to information given by the defense officials. Iran or Iran supported militia groups are suspected to be the attackers during both the incidents. The US forces based in Syria train Syria defense forces to combat ISIS fighters.

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