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US Navy Deploys ‘Sentry Guard’ to Draw Down Chinese Swarm Drones

The U.S is developing a counter-drone system that will in the wake of Chinese owned company that is making AI enabled drone swarms. The latest addition done by the U.S Navy is the Sentry-X counter-drone system.In a drone swarm, multiple UAS can be mounted for attack in a coordinated manner. The drones are usually operated from a single integrated system designed by some form of artificial intelligence

Using drones for attacking the rivals is becoming common nowadays. According to experts kamikaze drones and Turkish drones helped the Azerbaijan forces win the battle against Armenia in 2020. It was reported that Azerbaijan forces used the commercial drones manufactured by turkey based company.

With the goal of combating the Chinese drones the US Navy has successfully completed the tests of the AI handled anti-drone system. The anti-drone system can detect and defeat the drone attacks.The anti-drone system, Drone Sentry-X underwent real-time tests on the US Navy M-80 Stiletto. The defense experts believe that M-80 Stiletto is a supercomputer that can control the drone and is capable of launching the system at high speed through shallow waters also.

The system – the Drone Sentry-X is manufactured by a defense firm of Australia named Drone Shield. The Drone Sentry-X is an automated system capable of detecting and defeating with 360 degree coverage. The U.S Navy believes that the new cross-vehicle compatible addition will enhance the anti-drone combat capability of the US Navy.

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