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US Navy on the Verge of Creating A Drone Warship? All you Need to Know

The Pentagon and Congress grapple with their thoughts on what to build to meet the 500-ship US Navy goal. The systems are gauging the ways of the US Navy warship as they face a crippling conflict of interest. What is needed is a hybrid warship that can deploy all types of unmanned systems, provide long-range air and ship fire support for the land forces, address peer nation challenges, remain present and available daily, and multitask in many warfare areas.

The argument is what type of ship can accomplish all the ideal situations for conducting these operations. We are short in options but the drone warship could be the best of the lot, according to sources gathered from the people familiar with the matter. As the US Navy and the US Marine Corps test unmanned air, sea, and underwater drones at the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s Unmanned Integrated Battle Problem (UxS IBP) 2, no current efficient warship is integrated by the US Navy.

Is the answer to the US Navy future fleet being already designed and exhibited? The news that has surfaced across the outlets is that the researchers are exploring two Drone Carrier Warship designs. By 2021, the US Navy has inculcated a ship-building project dating back to the remnant designs of the 1990s and 2000s. Artificial Intelligence and drones were just getting started or budding.

 Is it time for the US Navy to build the UXV Drone Carrier Warship to relieve the U.S. Naval Fleet Forces of using the overtaxed Carrier Strike Groups and Amphibious Ready Groups? The answer is unknown as people are discovering a way out to complete the plan of building a 500-ship plan. Remains to be seen whether the US Navy continues with the plan of carving out the Drone Carrier Warship.

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