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US Navy’s Mideast based 5th Fleet to launch Drone Task Force

Amidst rising tensions with Iran, the US Navy’s Mideast-based 5th Fleet announced that it would launch a new drone task force. Furthermore, the new task force will be incorporated for airborne, sailing, and underwater missions.

The exact systems that the Navy will introduce on the island nation of Bahrain are still not revealed. However, the US Navy’s will stretch its capability by incorporating drones across the region of chokepoints that are significant in terms of energy supplies and worldwide shipping.The is planning to put more such systems in the maritime domain enabling the US Navy’s to monitor each activity on and below the sea.

The US Navy’s will include the drone systems in the 5th Fleet’s new Task Force 59 used in the exercise conducted in the April test by the Navy’s Pacific Fleet.  The Fleet will use some new drone systems, namely, Sea Hunter, ultra-endurance aerial surveillance drones, and even small-sized underwater drones to keep an eye on the underwater activities.

The 5th Fleet includes water areas that have more salinity and more temperatures, especially in the summer times as high as 45 degrees Celsius. The new systems are designed to work in the sea waters in such situations.Due to rising attacks on the vessels in these areas from Iran’s military fleets, the US Navy’s is preparing well to deal with that.This signifies that the US Military is improving its capability of drones to correspond to Iranian military drones.

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