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US Officials Deny Reports of Drone Attacks on Iraqi Base

US Officials denied reports of a drone attack on the US-led base near the Erbil airport in Iraq. These reports came out late Wednesday night. The reporting was likely misinformation being spread from ISIS or Iran. A Turkish soldier was reportedly killed in a separate rocket attack on Wednesday. The alleged suspicion is not known while the Turkish authorities are looking into the state of affairs.

A group thought to be aligned with Iran praised the report of a drone attack but no one explicitly has claimed responsibility for it. It is becoming more concerned with the US allegedly turning south in its relations with the Iraqi Base. The US has blamed attacks on Iran-backed militias, which have called for the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

The base was attacked lastly in February, leaving a Non-American contractor working the US forces dead. The story got circulated like a Robust vehicle and transmitted imminently to the news outlets. The Department of Defense however did not respond immediately to requests to comment. When the news came out, it is believed that tensions boiled over the authorities leaving them perplexed.

Citizens across the US have claimed these attacks as cheap tactics by ISIS to enrage the US to forbid their US forces from their landmark. But that is not going to happen anytime soon. US Officials are looking forward to a stern action towards these attacks as they feel that their position is being undermined and that couldn’t happen.What actions would be taken has remained under the cosh by the US troops as they have been declining an interview for days from the news outlets.

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