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US Space Force to test Satellite under Attack

Just weeks after Russia fired down an outdated communications Satellite, the US is testing resistance to threats from China and Russia kilometres above the earth’s surface. The computer-assisted simulations featured probable missile-tracking being shot down, Satellite jamming, and other electronic warfare impacts that may be used in space warfare. There are no actual Satellite used.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks saw the ‘Space Flag’ simulated space training exercise staged by US military during a visit to Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado. It was the 13th exercise of its kind, and the third to include partners including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. “In many cases, it occurs in rooms with persons of a quite junior level. Collaborating and working through problems, attempting to decipher thoughts that appear to make sense while eliminating those that do not, “On his way to Hawaii, Hicks informed reporters.

This week, Pentagon chiefs are touring US bases as the Biden administration finalises its draught budget through 2023. The Pentagon is hoping to redirect budget money toward a military capable of deterring China and Russia. Following Russia’s successful anti-Satellite missile test last month, US officials feel there is a growing need to make the US network more resilient to assault, and to take advantage of training opportunities like ‘Space Flag.’

Military communications, global positioning navigation, and timing systems all rely on  in the case of a war. The 10-day space war exercise aims to emulate the United States‘ cutting-edge capacity in space. An adversary group worked to imitate an aggressor power with space capabilities, such as Russia or China, in the training exercise. Russia isn’t the first government to perform space-based anti-Satellite testing.

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