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US States File Lawsuit against Google for Violating Antitrust Law

36 US states have filed a legal complaint against Google for violating the antitrust law rules and regulations. The states have alleged Google for controlling its Android app store, which the states say violates antitrust law.The Lawsuit alleges that Google, through contracts and competitive conduct in the paly store, has deprived the users of better choices and innovation and drastically reduced the prices of mobile applications.

The states, including Tennessee, North Carolina, and Utah, have alleged Google to make the consumers mandatory to pay a commission of up to 30 percent or more. Moreover, the search engine giant is accused of requiring app developers to use Google Billing as an intermediary.

James, Attorney General of New York said, Google has served as a gatekeeper of the internet for many decades. Still, it is also becoming the gatekeeper of the play store applications, resulting in us paying extra charges for the software. He said Google dominates the internet space and the digital app space to earn billions of dollars illegally.

The search engine is illegally forcing Android users to turn to Google for millions of applications that will be downloaded from the Google play store by the users for their phones and tablets. He alleged that Google is disrupting millions of small businesses emerging or trying hard to compete in the market. James marked that the Lawsuit has been filed to end Google’s dominance and promote millions of consumers and business owners.

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