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WiBotic Brings in New Charger and Transmitters for Drones

WiBotic is a Seattle based charger manufacturer providing advanced power solutions for drones, and autonomous mobile robots. The company specializes in optimization power systems for the exponentially expanding market of aerial, mobile, space, marine, and industrially applied robots. The company has introduced today, August 18 a line of cutting-edge technology chargers, and transmitters.

The newly introduced products display WiBotic core strengths in innovative, and efficient charging solution for robots.The company has developed chargers, and transmitters for robots, and drones working in diverse environmental conditions.

The new line of products introduced by the company include OC-262 onboard charger. The product is a passively cooled onboard devices that was developed solely for the Department of Defense. However, now as the demand is constantly expanding, the charger is made available for broader applications. Passive cooling is pf significance when the drones or robots are used in areas where water, dust, dirt, and corrosion are critical concerns. OC-262 is also very helpful for customers operating in mining spaces, oil/gas production facilities, marine exploration, and agriculture industries.

The charger provides up to 300W of power with no moving parts. OC-262 is capable of supporting typically all generic robot battery chemistries. The device pairs easily with a weatherproof antenna thereby delivering a complete outdoor solution. WiBotic has mad two models of OC-262 available. This includes an ST model, and a WP model with IP20, and IP67 raying respectively. ST can be applied to a more open environment with passive colling whereas WP can be used outdoor extreme conditions.

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