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Wobble in Moon likely to Cause Floods in 2030

As reported from a study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), there is a wobble in the Moon, that will be a reason for the devastating floods in areas which are near the coastlines in the year 2030, and the United States is likely to be the worst affected area among all.

As per the warned given by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, the low lying areas that are situated near the coastlines and seas are increasingly at risk and are under the risk of high suffering during the flooding events that are expected to occur.

Further, Nelson stated that flooding that occurs due to the lunar cycle of the Moon is a common incident, but the rise in the heat and temperature of the earth due to climate change conditions is increasing the frequency of the high tides. He stated that this combination of the Moon gravitational force, climate change as well as the continuous spike in sea water levels are likely to cause coastal flooding across the globe.

He also stated that NASA is providing this information because it will give a heads up to the concerned departments to take necessary actions in planning, protecting, and preventing the damage caused to the environment as well as the people living in those regions. Jane J. Lee of California-based, Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated that the times in which the Earth and Moon line up in alignment with the sun, the resulting gravitational pull, and the ocean’s response will keep the city under floods every day or two.

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